How exactly to ‘sell’ yourself whenever finding a work or raised. Part 2

In the labor market as we have already told, there are three possibilities to “sell” yourself:

  • via a resume,
  • during the interview,
  • when discussing the salary during the meeting.

How exactly to “sell” yourself at a job interview

Avoid typical errors. These generally include:

  • being later,
  • improper appearance,
  • improper behavior,
  • not enough effort and interest in what is happening,
  • bad preparation (ask the company ” So what does your business do?” in which he will never take one to work),
  • the absence of concerns together with your side,
  • the silence after the interview (advice – write towards the boss following the interview page with a manifestation of admiration when it comes to chance to talk you) about yourself and emphasize that this is important to.

Prepare a whole tale about yourself ahead of time. The resume can be used by you block “About yourself” as being a foothold: the essence is the identical, in form – more details. Duration of self-presentation is as much as 5 minutes. Use in the story about yourself, to start with, achievements – once you 100% solved the tasks; it really is good, in the event that outcome may be illustrated by numbers. Ahead of time, rehearse the “speech” – ideally, when you look at the existence of “spectators” that will provide feedback: exactly how much your tale is simple to perceive, persuading.

Get ready for a meeting. Examine the company’s internet site. Ask what put the business occupies on the market, if it is flourishing or experiencing bad times, just what dilemmas would be the most crucial for it, that is on top. Try to find information on the unit in that your vacancy is available: whom directs it, exactly what concepts of work are supported there (there might be reference to this in blog sites, in electronic media if the business is large).

Inform about achievements. Inform concerning the successes you are many proud of. The employer must find out about your most valuable experience: whenever you encountered an arduous task, you discovered the resources to resolve it and reached the end result. Record of the greatest achievements is better to imagine in advance.

Remain calm in accordance with dignity. Even though you believe this meeting can be your chance that is only perhaps not attempt to please the boss. More over, you shouldn’t make sure he understands directly that without their “yes” you are going to remain with a clear wallet and a self-esteem that is broken.

It is more modest to select a job interview with all the indisputable fact that not just the company chooses you, however you additionally pick the place of work. Furthermore, it really is true.

How exactly to “sell” yourself in wage negotiations, in the event that you work

The most crucial guideline here: you’ll need grounds to start out a conversation with this delicate topic. An average error will be say because you just need (for personal reasons) that you need more money,. Salary is not the amount that the worker needs; here is the amount comparable to his skills, experience and ability to fix work tasks.

Would you like additional money?

Perform some job a lot better than before.

Take on brand new functions.

Learn how to do things that you would not do prior to.

When you have done more and better for some time, report these records into the employer (prepare the info, state the knowledge regarding your achievements in current months in one single document, ensure it is noticeable, and accompany the story about successes in person).